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Reading: Refocusing the Refugee Regime: From Vagrancy to Value


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Refocusing the Refugee Regime: From Vagrancy to Value


Hannah Levinson

University of North Carolina at Charlotte, US
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[From the introduction]

This is an exploration of two moral-political accounts in my search to establish and frame better treatment of refugees. When regarding refugees as human beings whose lives lack sustainable levels of political, economic, and social stability, both of the frameworks I look at stress the importance of providing such persons with succor and alleviation. Martha Nussbaum’s capabilities approach posits the human body as a bearer of elemental rights that ought to be recognized and realized. Judith Butler presents an argument that focuses on life’s precariousness and grievability. Situating the refugee in a normative context will, I think, strengthen the foundation needed for a focus on determining what sorts of actions should be taken to rectify the situations of increasingly protracted refugee populations which, arguably, consist of the world’s most vulnerable political beings. [...]

How to Cite: Levinson, H., 2010. Refocusing the Refugee Regime: From Vagrancy to Value. International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, 2(2), pp.18 (143–155).
Published on 26 Jul 2010.
Peer Reviewed


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