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Reading: The Discrimination of Hair-Based Drug Testing


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The Discrimination of Hair-Based Drug Testing


Phillip S. Downes

Central Washington University, US
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Business ethicists usually debate workplace drug testing by appealing to safety (consequences of drug use for the public) and employees' contracts with the company. However, the means of catching these unsafe workers are rarely analyzed. I discuss the means of hair-based drug testing through the lens of discrimination. Drawing on Richard Lippke’s criticism of drug testing, my paper demonstrates that there is an unequal hindrance of autonomy of long-haired women, the unsheltered homeless, and darker haired individuals over others and, as a result, that hair-based drug testing is morally wrong.

How to Cite: Downes, P.S., 2011. The Discrimination of Hair-Based Drug Testing. International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, 2(1), p.1.
Published on 01 Jun 2011.
Peer Reviewed


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