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Reading: The Street Performer


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The Street Performer


Rebecca Grace Cyr

Oregon State University, US
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Award for Best Creative Work

2018 Northwest Undergraduate Conference in the Humanities

Loosely based off a group of female abstract artists from the late 1800s, this fictional piece is centered around the protagonist’s obsession with one particular subject in her art—the medium being filmmaking—and exploring the rather idolized projection she has created for this individual. This story attempts to examine the life of an artist who is swept up in an unconscious state of fiction, continuously re-creating and shifting her perception of people (the street performer, specifically)—often as a reflection of her own self and frustrations. This is done through the use of film, and highlighting specific images as we might see them in movies. There is a sense of self-awareness in both filming, and being watched or recorded.

Faculty Sponsor: Keith Scribner

How to Cite: Cyr, R.G., 2019. The Street Performer. International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, 10(3), p.3. DOI:
Published on 13 Jan 2019.
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