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Reading: Subverting Campbell’s Materialist Conclusion


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Subverting Campbell’s Materialist Conclusion


Noah Gordon

Rutgers University, US
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Keith Campbell and Jonathan Schaffer propose an ontology in which entities consist in collocated collections of tropes, and tropes are individuated by location. This would imply that immaterial entities are not possible. In this paper, I attempt to subvert this materialist conclusion by giving two arguments against the key individuation principle it requires. I show that the locational individuation principle can be formulated so as to survive the first, but not the second argument.

How to Cite: Gordon, N., 2016. Subverting Campbell’s Materialist Conclusion. International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, 8(2), pp.2 (2–11). DOI:
Published on 24 Jun 2016.
Peer Reviewed


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