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Reading: Sellars’ Paradox and Language Games


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Sellars’ Paradox and Language Games


Jiayi Lu

Dartmouth College, US
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In “Some Reflections on Language Games,” Wilfrid Sellars contemplates whether there is a genuine paradox in learning a first language. It seems that we must know a metalanguage in order to learn a first language, and a meta-metalanguage in order to learn a metalanguage, and so on, because we cannot learn the linguistic expression of a thing without grasping its matching concept. The idea of language as a language game paves the way to a solution to this paradox by presenting an account of pre-conceptual base-level language acquisition.

How to Cite: Lu, J., 2015. Sellars’ Paradox and Language Games. International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, 7(2), pp.8 (55–60). DOI:
Published on 29 May 2015.
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