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Reading: Pluralism and Foundationalism in the Applied Sciences


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Pluralism and Foundationalism in the Applied Sciences


David Baker

Knox College, US
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Nancy Cartwright develops her scientific pluralism within The Dappled World and argues for its supremacy over foundationalism. Cartwright believes that the sciences should be applied for humane benefits and not for knowledge’s sake alone. However, Cartwright does not give enough credit to the practical applications produced by foundationalists. Cartwright’s goals are not hindered or detracted from when working with foundationalists. In fact foundationalism and pluralism offer complimentary means of practical application, the outcome of which is a bettered ability to apply our sciences towards practical concerns than either position offers alone. I will use exemplary cases demonstrating these isolated shortcomings and complimentary benefits to advance this position.

How to Cite: Baker, D., 2014. Pluralism and Foundationalism in the Applied Sciences. International Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activities, 6(2), pp.4 (16–23). DOI:
Published on 04 Jun 2014.
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